News 2012
Judge: Linda Reinelt Gebauer, DE

My lovely boy DAULØKKE`S SARTRE LE ROYAL was selected as BEST OF BREED ;-) :-)

CLUBSHOW 14/10 Aars DK
Judge: Bas Bosch, NL

With pride and style Dauløkke´s Sartre le Royal was BOB ;-)
and his Greathgrandmother Multich Dauløkke´s Nordique Haut-Couture was in Vet class and she was selected as 2. best female among al those beautiful young compititors. ;-) weeee haaaa !
Pictured is Sartre Le Royal flying with pride and attitude :-)
15-09-2012 Rogaland INT-Show, Norway
honored Judge: Javier Sanchez (E)

2 CAC and Cacib for my dogs Dauløkke´s Sartre le Royal og Dauløkke´s Sorbé du Paris .. weeehaaa so proud . :-)
Congrates to my "grandson" Zecudas Fantom aswell .

Judge : Master breed specialist Victor van Raamsdonk (B)

KLBJCH KBHV12 Dauløkke´s Sartre le Royal 1exl ,CACL, BEST MALE and CACIB , BEST of BREED !!! :-) ;-)
KLBJCH Dauløkke´s Sorbé du Paris 1exl and CACL :-)
Needless to tell how proud and happy i am , for this glorious achievments.......
11 houer drive down and 8 houer drive home so yesterday i was totally mashed out ! I don´t regret :-)

 National Show Århus 26/8-2012
Judge : A. Kazmierski (P)

KLBJCH KBHV12 Dauløkke´s Sartre le Royal BOB CAC.
KLBJCH Dauløkke´s Sorbe´du Paris BOS2.

INT and NAT show BREMEN 4 & 5-08
Judges INT: Bas Bosch (NL) NAT: Karin Voye (DE)
DAULØKKE`S SARTRE le ROYAL CAC CACIB,BOB :-)))) and next day also CAC, BOB :-)))))
DAULØKKE´S SORBE du PARIS CAC,CACIB Best Female :-)))) and the next day 1exl res-CAC Female :-)
What a great weekend . Big thanks for all the congratulations and nice words from the friends and the honourable judges :-)
Clubshow 29/7-12
Judges Jens Myrman SE - Sara Nordin SE.

My very best Veteran girl MultiCH Dauløkke´s Nordique Haut-Couture was selectet BEST of al FEMALES BOS... gosh that was tuely a great honor :-) that i deeply appriciated .
3 classwinners , 2 no 2in class all with cq -1 cac and BOS and BOB2
DAULØKKE- Trademark of Quality .
Thanks to al involved for a joyable day -see you soon again ;-)
Pictured is BOB Baby DAULØKKE`S Wellice la Reine proudly co- owned with Jette G Hanssen .

Stefan Sinko sl

KLBJCH Dauløkke´s Sartre le Royal BEST OF BREED and BIS 2 ! :-)

09-06 Swedish French Bulldog Club 30-year Jubileeshow 2012 .
Judges : Andreas Schemel and Bas Bosch . —

My young Dauløkke´s Sartre le Royal 1 exl CAC and BOS again.
Bourbon Rose By Gernada 1 exl CAC BOS 2, and now SUCH -DKCH titel.
CLUBSHOW DK 24/6-12. Judge :Mrs Penny Rankine-Parsons UK.


So very proud of my boy . Very lovely gifts for best male and best female ,
 i´m happy to own this book writen by Penny Rankine -Parsons
Judge :Breedspecialist Victor van Raamsdonk B

Dauløkke´s Sartre le Royal 1 exl,ck, cac, cacib, BOS, BOB :-)
Dauløkke´s Quo-Vadis 2 exl,ck, BOS 4.
Dauløkke´s Sorbé du Paris 1 exl,ck,BOS 4, res-cacib.
Dauløkke´s Urzula 2 exl,ck, res-cac,BOS 2.
It was a very unsteady weather but despite of that ,very nice results :-)

02-06-2012 Int -Show in Neumünster . Judge : Tamas Jakkel HU.

DKJR KLBCH Dauløkke´s Sorbé du Paris Exl1, CAC, CACIB

 Judges was Carsten Birk DK - Alex Krasilnikoff DK - Gordon Drummond UK - Jari Laakso SU.

Better late than ..... ! so busy but also happy...
The weekend as WDS 2012 was running , i had to chose to stay home for a "good" reason . We showed ouer dogs on the Danish Specialty .

FRIDAY 18/5 :
 Dauløkke´s Sorbé du Paris Junior class Winner and hereby she now have the title DK JCH ;-)
Her brother Sartre le Royal Exl 2,CK in juniorcl ( he had so bad tummy that day - poor boy. )
DKCH SuCH Dauløkkes Quo-Vadis Exl 1 in CH class club -CAC and BOS .
MultiCH Dauløkke´s Nordique Haut-Couture BEST VETERAN :-) and BOS 4.

 Dauløkke´s Sorbé du Paris Exl 2,CK Interm cl .
DKCH SuCH Dauløkke´s Quo-Vadis Exl 1 Ch Class, Club CAC BOS 4.
Multi CH Dauløkke´s Nordique Haut - Couture BEST VETERAN .
Dauløkke´s Sartre le Royal Exl 1 Interm cl, Ck, BOS, CAC, and BEST OF BREED :-) .....
WDS or not - i was so happy and proud . Thank you so much to the people who was so kind to help me and Congratulations to all the owners of the dogs from my origin and breedwork for their exelent presentation and placements --- THIS also is meant for the ones who showed on WDS --- :-)
I chose to put up a resent picture of Dauløkke´s Nordique Haut-Couture posing with her trophy for her title :BEST VETERAN 2011 .. i think.... you will know why i chose so .

Judge: Jutta Gerwert, DE

GROUP 9 JUNIOR BIG 3. Here we Go :-)
Honorable Judge: Chantal Méry (F)

My precious girl MultiCH Dauløkke´s Nordique Haut-Couture won BOB Veteran ,
by this, she is now also DUTCH VETCH :-)
My little rascal girl Dauløkke´s Urzula was BEST FEMALE PUP :-)
My sweet good looking youngster boy Dauløkke´s Sartré le Royal EXL 1,jr-CAC, CAC ,
BOS and finally BOB !! :-) ;-) Thanks to my son Freddie, for driving miss Daisy LOL .
Nice to see you all again .

News from Svetlana Aleshina

  International Dog Show, Kiev, Ukraine, 22.04.2012

Honorable judge: Mr. Victor-Alexander Van Raamsdonk, Belgium

Daulokke’s Uma-Lou – Class Winner, 1-vp, Best Puppy


21.04.2012 International Dog Show, Kiev, Ukraine,
 Honorable judge: Mrs. Tatjana Urek, Slovenia

Daulokke’s Uma-Lou – Class Winner, 1-vp, Best Puppy..
Clubshow Århus 25/3/12
Judges: Spela Briski Cirman (sl) Birgitte Bak Jørgensen (dk)
112 french bulldog.


It was a very interesting and great show. I notice with satisfied that many exhibitors already announced their results as expected : Congrats to to you al.

To my attention i see that most all of the dogs placed in top of the classes is presenting my breedwork for generations i let my self be proud of this , althrough i know it is a hard bisquite for some .. i felt that in the hallway at the show .... so that´s how it is. I might look fragile but i survive !!

So now it is my pride to tell that my two youngsters Dauløkke´s Sartre le Royal and Dauløkke´s Sorbé du Paris both was arwarded with Jr-CAC and that Sartré also recieved the CAC both 3 BOS .
The CAC for female did go to Midland More Count on Me ( Luna ) she is out of my Joy of Qing Bullet
 (Dauløkke´s Aristobeau du Tex - Joy of Night and Joy ) and Dauløkke´s Zuzette du Nord, thanks to Kim for his exl handling.
My beloved Multich Dauløkke´s Nordique Haut-Couture won BOB VETERAN with style :-)
Int. Show Fredericia DK. 12-02-2012
Judge: Arne Foss, NO

JuniorClass: Dauløkke´s Sartre le Royal, EXL1 CK, CAC, BOS.

JuniorClass: Dauløkke´s Sorbe du Paris, EXL4 CK
Both first time on show :-)
News from USA

Arizona 17-02-2012

Dauløkke´s Saint Genevieve winning BOS

Congratulation Mary & Carol


Grand Champion Dauløkke´s Nordique Crouton

I feel the pain to, Donna

Littuania National Dogshow 26-02-2012

Judge: J.Aidietiene

Dauløkke´s Simone de Beauvoir, Best Junior.
Congratulation Ligita :-)